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A&C Natural Oils

From Seed to Oil

A&C Natural Oils is Chile’s leading Jojoba Oil manufacturer and provider, based in the valleys of the Chilean desert. With over 20 years of experience.

Offering end-to-end production coverage and traceability, we have become the only Chilean company offering pure, natural and organic jojoba oil.

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About the Plant

Jojoba is a slow growing evergreen shrub. This plant can take full sun and reflective heat and once established, needs only occasional watering, which makes it very drought tolerant. It has blue green leather like leaves and grows up to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

Jojoba needs 60% less water than standard crops. Also Jojoba plants can survive without irrigation for more than 6 months.

Other Crops
Water Consumption
Jojoba Crops
Water Consumption 40%

Our Products

A&C Natural Oils currently exports oils wholesale & retail.


200L Steel Drums

Sealed 200l steel drums containing 180kg of pure organic jojoba oil.


30ml Glass Bottle

Small portable bottle with pump/dropper. Pure organic jojoba oil.

10ml Roll-on

Small portable vial with roll-on technology. Pure organic Jojoba Oil.

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